Community Partnerships

Schools have historically been the center of the neighborhood. When schools are shut down, due to natural disasters or failure to meet standards, it alters the dynamics of that community. Education is disrupted and families lose sustainability. Partnerships in Education and Service (PIES)  is proud of its legacy of assisting the reopening of schools in post ­Katrina New Orleans since 2007, and we continue to reach out to schools in need. We do this with teams of volunteers made up of students, teachers and non­ educators, dedicated to service and learning.  We invite you to be a part of our mission, helping to “rebuild neighborhoods, one school at a time”.

Karen Roth MA, President & Founder
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. "­
- Margaret Mead

About Us

Our Future

In 2007, a group of educators responded to the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina by assembling a team of volunteers to assist in the reopening of a public school.  Volunteers worked alongside the school’s staff to ensure students returning home would enter a building that was academically and socially prepared for the new school year while creating a safe and comforting place for children still traumatized from the floods.  Through our first trip, we established a long partnership with the schools of New Orleans and the expansion of many volunteer groups working in places of need. Today these service teams include people from all walks of life united with the purpose of “rebuilding communities, one school at a time.”

Partnerships in Education & Service (PIES) grew from this first service trip. PIES has assisted in the reopening of many new charter schools in New Orleans.  PIES representatives meet with school administration to design a plan for site visits and collectively set priorities that meet the needs of the school matched with talents and skills of the service team members.  Often that plan is adapted during the trip as the school’s needs and priorities change.

PIES believes that the best way to support a school is not to enter and tell the school what we will do, rather, engage in a conversation to match the needs of the school with the breadth of knowledge each team uniquely possesses. Therefore, each service trip is unique to the school we partner with and the individuals who commit to serving.

PIES volunteer teams have helped with a multitude of school needs. Teams are most well-known for extensive work establishing leveled libraries for classrooms and/or school-wide use.  In addition, teams have helped prepare orientation and first-day packets for students and families, designed bulletin boards, established engaging school gardens, and created room layouts that aspire students to learn.

As PIES moves forward, we remain committed to serving populations residing in disadvantaged communities, in particular, those affected by natural causes.  We look to expand nationally and globally, partnering with schools to strengthen communities--rebuilding communities, one school at a time.

New Orleans, LA Schools:
1) KIPP Central City Academy, 2007–2010
2) Happy Times Preschool, 2008-2011
3)Royal Castle Kids Child Development Center, 2009–2010
4) Samuel J. Green Charter Elementary School, 2009
5) Arthur Ashe Charter Elementary School, 2009-2012
6) John Dibert K – 8 Charter Elementary School, 2009
7) Harriet Tubman Charter Elementary School, 2011-2012
8) Paul Habans Charter Elementary School, 2013-2016
9) ReNew McDonogh City Park Academy, 2015
10) Akili Academy Elementary School, 2017

Genola, UT Schools:
1) Genola Community Center & Head Start School, 2015-2016

Our Story

As we move forward, and look ahead to the growth of PIES, we remain committed to serving populations in need, in under ­served communities, as well as those affected by disaster. Though NOLA will always be the heartbeat of the organization, we look to expand to other parts of the United States, and eventually, the world, partnering with schools to strengthen neighborhoods and sustain communities.  

PIES also plans to expand its collection of donated school supplies, books, instructor and office materials and other items, necessary for learning, development and growth. These items are then donated to the schools where PIEs service teams volunteer. Monetary donations assist the growth of the organization, as well as the expenses accumulated by the service teams. 

PIES is committed to its growth and sustainability, which relies on its veteran service teams, school partnerships and donors.