Donation Matching

Make a monthly or one-time electronic donation with the security of PayPal.  100% of your donation support our efforts to impact schools in need.  


If you are thinking of donating a car, your donation could benefit the work we do to help schools.  Receive tax deduction information and support through the process.

Do you have gift cards you do not plan to use, want to get rid of or want to pass on to a good cause?  Have your old, unused gift cards support a good cause.

How to Support

How Donations Benefit

Other Ways to Support

● Materials needed for service trips (paint, gardening       supplies, etc.)

● Sponsor volunteer meals
● Sponsor volunteer travel expenses

● Reserve flights and hotels for service trips

● Orientation costs

● Training materials
● Transportation within service city
● Travel to prospective service locations

● Maintain the website
● General Supplies
● Mailings
● Advertising
● Mailing materials to partner schools
● Printing costs (posters, brochures, business cards, promotional flyers)



The most overlooked and under explored forms of Non Profit funding is Corporate Employee time and gift matching.

Many companies strongly encourage employees to stay involved with their communities and volunteerism.  We understand that everyone cannot donate time but may look to donate monetarily.  Employee matching is a great way to increase your contribution to PIES while supporting families, schools and communities.

Company matching programs include:

  • 1:­1 employee donation match (ex. Nortel)
  • 3­1 employee gift match  (ex. HP ­ donate a computer and HP will give 3!)
  • Hourly Matching (Cisco, Apple­ Up to $25/hr you contribute to PIES ex-­service trip, registration during an ​event, raffle collections, etc)
  • Matching for Spouses, and Children, Volunteerism

Please contact us below to explore your company philanthropy program & how you might provide a greater contribution to PIES and our forward efforts.

Do you shop on Amazon?  If so, consider having your purchases support PIES.  Your cart, favorites and all you love about Amazon remain while you shop.

If you prefer, you may mail a check or money order to:

Partnerships In Education

P.O. Box 8074

Northfield, IL 60093 


Have you selected a favorite charity on eBay?  If not, consider selecting PIES as your charity.  When you check out, you can donate to help schools in need.