This experience is good for one's soul. We come to New Orleans to help rebuild a city one school at a time. The city is magical and the work we do is so very appreciated one can't help but be enchanted. At the end of the day, at the end of the week, we know and feel, that we made a difference.
-Judith Hurwich
August 2012

Volunteer Voices

We transformed a weedy, littered garden space into something that can be planted and used by the students after we finished the week of work.
-Paul D'Agostino
August 2015

37 pre-service, in-service and retired University Professors will join with supporters of NOLA Schools Project to prepare schools for Fall 2012 opening.
-Karen Roth
August 2012

The city is beautiful in a very different way than other cities, NOLA has a beauty that is shone through the people that live there. Thanks to all my super sweet team  members for being so nice and welcoming, Adrian for being such a faithful leader, and Karen for organizing the trip. I had a great time with each of you!
-Teresa Marlow
July 2011

PACE students have been involved in many different kinds of service learning projects, however none of them the size or scale of this trip. PACE is a two year post-secondary program for young adults with multiple learning disabilities.PACE have a philosophy that life should be "a balance of work and play", and the PACE students who have journeyed this week to NOLA have demonstrated exactly that.
-Lauren Kornhauser
August 2011

This year marks round number 5...
5 times the friends,
5 times the work,
5 times the sweat,
5 times the cuisine,
5 times the memories,
5 times the laughs,
5 times the love…
-Angela D'Agostino
August 2012

It was great to see old and new members of the trip to be asked by Paul Habans School to come back and serve is also pretty amazing.
-Ginger Nepomuceno
August 2015

Realizing how everyone's talent works together to accomplish the task at hand.
-Sue Bolton
August 2015

Everyone went to New Orleans with a vision and purpose, and we all returned with sad hearts that the week had to end so soon. Every minute we spend in one of our New Orleans schools humbles us and makes us wish we could do more.
-Erica (Morales) Perez
August 2012

Loosely translated, Namaste, means: "the beauty & godliness in me recognizes the beauty & godliness in you" I would certainly say that describes my experience in NOLA! Each and every person I worked with was remarkable in the way they gave of themselves during the trip.
-Phyllis Coleman
August 2009

This experience so far has made me more enthusiastic about my career.  It has made me excited to set up my own classroom in the future.
-Eugenia Obregon
August 2015

Volunteer Voices

Volunteer Spotlight: Tiffany Velazquez

Tiffany is from Chicago, IL and is an early childhood educator.  She has been volunteering with PIES for the past four years.  She has served as a trip leader and is a member of our advisory board.  Tiffany says, "I enjoy volunteering for PIES because of the amazing relationships I develop with other volunteers."  She continues to say "I believe that through these service trips I have been able to make a positive, lasting impact on the education of our next generation."

Helping rebuild Arthur Ashe was such an honor to do and it was fun as well. It was sad to a good portion of the houses damaged by the hurricane, but I am glad I saw some Brad Pitt houses as well.
-Robbie Zoline
August 2012

I learned about myself. I am always looking to be a better me and this trip helped me to do even more personal reflection. This trip always makes me think about the teacher I want to be as I enter the new school year.
-Adrienne Waller
August 2011